Keeping our IT systems secure

Posted by admin

Many people may be surprised to learn that although hand-to-hand deliveries is what RAM is all about, the technology required to ensure constantly exceed our customers’ expectations is exceptionally high tech. And that’s why we go out of our way to protect and secure it.

We’ve all heard about computer viruses and malware and spyware and other nasty cyber bugs that can infect IT systems and cause them to crash – or worse. Very often, these malicious software programs are inadvertently introduced to a company’s system by someone innocently opening an email or clicking on a link in a social media message. And the methods used by cyber criminals are changing all the time, constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in organisations like ours.

That’s why our IT department constantly works at educating our people about the risks we all face, and the precautions they must take to avoid falling prey to one of the tricks used by cybercriminals.
In its most recent educational campaign, the IT department sent every RAM employee a series of tips on cyber security. At the end, there was a quiz to see how much everyone had absorbed. Surprisingly, there were a large number who scored an impressive 100 percent.

These security-smart individuals were entered into a lucky draw – and Durban Admin Clerk, Devnash Bhana, walked off with a fantastic Huawei Talkband B2 Fitness Band.